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Trouble Shooting FAQ

Q. How do I get my laptop to display on the data projector?

A. Ensure you have connected the blue VGA cable to your laptop and press the PC or Laptop button on the projector control panel. If there is still no image from the projector, you will need to perform the Function key toggle. See below.

Q. How do I perform the Function key toggle on my laptop?

A. It depends on your make of Laptop. The basic idea is that first you will need to have a look at the row of ‘F’ keys (F1-F12) on the top row of your laptop keyboard and find the one which has a picture of a TV, Monitor or similar, either that or it will say CRT/LCD if for instance it is a Dell laptop. Hint: Common keys are F4, F5, F7 or F8. You will need to hold down the ‘Fn’ key (in the bottom left hand corner) and press the relevant numbered F key to get it to talk to the projector. You may have to perform the above one or two more times, in which case give it a few seconds between each attempt.

Q. How do I connect my MacBook to the data projector with the supplied VGA cable?

A. You will need to bring a Mac Adapter, if you don’t have one you will need to buy one from an Apple Retailer, online or the Apple Store. There are many different types of connector on the side of the MacBook, i.e. Mini DisplayPort, Mini-DVI, Mini-VGA and DVI. If you are not sure which adapter is compatible with your system you will need to bring in your MacBook to the retailer so that they can ascertain which adapter you need. Unfortunately we are unable to supply Mac Adapters.

Q. How do I get my MacBook to display on the projector?

A. You will need to go to System Preferences, then Display. On the Display tab, click on Detect Displays.

Q. My DVD is has come from outside of Europe, will it still play in your DVD players?

A. Yes, all our DVD players are multi-region.

Q. Why won’t my DVD or Video CD play in the DVD Player?

A. Possible reasons are that the DVD has not been finalised or the video files on the DVD/CD are not compatible with the DVD Player. Please check prior to event if you have any concerns.

Q. How do I use the built-in computer?

A. Ensure you have pressed the PC button on the projector control panel and then turn on the computer. If you are an member of Birkbeck staff then you can log in using your own user name and password. If you are an external group or client then you will need to contact reception in advance for a log-in, if there are any queries or you are having trouble logging-in then please do not hesistate to contact AV on extension 6220.

Q. How do I get sound from a DVD or VHS Cassette?

A. Ensure you have pressed the DVD/VHS button on the projector control panel. On the DVD/VHS player remote, make sure that you press either the DVD or VHS button depending on what you are using. Depending on the classroom, volume is adjusted by either a volume control on the wall, Vol + and Vol – buttons on the projector control panel or touch screen, or in some cases using the ‘Master Volume’ control on the amplifier located in the AV cabinet.

Q. I am trying to download a video from YouTube or other website, but it won’t playback or I don’t hear any audio?

A. The software or codecs required to play the content is not present. Please contact IT Services on 0207 631 6543 to arrange for the software to be installed.

Q. I am trying to play a DVD using the built-in computer, why won’t it play back?

A. Most of the built-in computers only have CD-ROM drives, therefore DVD media will not be compatible. Some of the computers do have DVD-ROM drives but may require software to be installed before it will play videos from a disc. Therefore for the sake of convenience it is recommended you use the DVD/VHS Player to play back video material.

Q. I have made my presentation on a Mac. How can I ensure compatibility with a Windows PC?

A. If your presentation contains lots of high resolution pictures the chances are when porting it to the Windows environment it may not work. The simplest way to ensure compatibility is to save your presentation as a PDF file. That way you can open the presentation using Adobe Reader which is installed on all our computers. If you are not sure how to do this, please check the documentation that comes with your software, i.e. With Office:Mac, you need to go to File > Print > PDF > Save As PDF.

Q. I am using PowerPoint 2007 to make my Presentation, how do I save the presentation so that it works with PowerPoint 2003?

A. Go to File > Save As > Save As Type: “PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation”

Q. I have made a PowerPoint Presentation at home with embedded video and audio. Will it work on your classroom computers?

A. The common problem is that people embed video and audio into their presentations, but when they copy the presentation to their USB sticks (portable flash drives), they forget to copy the video files as well. IT IS VITAL that you copy the original audio/video files to your portable drives or discs with the presentation and re-embed them or PowerPoint will report them as ‘missing’.

Q. I noticed that your PC’s in the classrooms are currently running Office 2003 and have not been upgraded to Office 2007, does that mean that my presentations and documents created in Office 2007 will not be compatible?

A. Although the PC’s have Office 2003, they have the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack installed, this means that all our classroom computers will be able to open, edit and save Office 2007 documents. There shouldn’t be any problems in opening newer documents. If you have any queries, please contact the IT Services Helpdesk on 0207 631 6543.

Q. I keep getting this error message ‘You have run out of profile storage space’, during my presentation, what do I do now?

A. The desktop of the built-in computers only has a limited profile storage space. Therefore you need to make sure that any presentation material is not saved to the desktop but is stored and run from your portable flash drives and discs. You also need to make sure that you delete the data off the desktop and empty the Recycle Bin or the message will continue to interupt your presentation.

Q. I wish to use the Birkbeck Wireless Network, but it keeps asking me for a username and password? What do I need to do to get on to the network?

A. If you are a regular external client and you have been given a log-in by the Audio-Visual department then you can use this to access the wireless. If you are an external client and been given a log-in from Room Bookings then you will need to access the ‘Guest’ page before logging into the Wireless. If you are an internal member of Birkbeck then you can use your own log-in credentials. You will need to follow the step-by-step instructions. You may need to deactivate and reactivate the wireless switch during this process. If you are having trouble with connecting to the network, you can contact IT Services Helpdesk on 0207 631 6543. In any case it is recommended that you visit the IT Services beforehand so that they can check if your laptop is compatible with the network, you may need to download Windows Updates and update your Anti-Virus software before you can access the Birkbeck WAM.

Q. There is no sound from the built-in PC. What do I do now?

A. Ensure that the volume has not been muted. Left click on the icon of the “speaker” in the right-hand corner of the taskbar, a small window will appear, ensure that the Mute option has not been ‘checked’, if so click on it to ‘uncheck’ it. If the volume slider is down, click on the slider and drag it upwards to raise the volume.