Our vision

Our vision is:

  • To be a leader in public engagement within the higher education sector, building on Birkbeck's founding principles of reaching non-traditional learners and providing access to knowledge for all. 
  • To engage a wide and diverse range of people with the research undertaken at Birkbeck. 
  • To improve research proposals by providing professional advice on public engagement during the proposal planning and writing process.  
  • For all staff and students to recognise the benefits of public engagement as a tool for personal development and a means of raising Birkbeck's research and public profile. 

In particular, we aim to:

  • Enable Birkbeck researchers and professional staff to see public engagement as integral to work at Birkbeck, recognising the benefits to the individual and to the university. 
  • Provide a central point of support and contact to facilitate collaboration, shared best practice and networking.  
  • Support and extend the aims of the College's research strategy and other, wider strategies. 
  • Celebrate quality public engagement. 
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of public engagement activities against the College's aims and objectives.