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About us

The Public Engagement Team supports Birkbeck’s commitment to making research results available to society and we work with external partners and organisations to create opportunities for knowledge exchange. 

We offer support in the following areas, as well as offering guidance and support for specific requests: 

  • working with people outside of academia 
  • helping form partnerships 
  • information, advice and help with applying for funding 
  • planning workshops to develop ideas and skills
  • College-wide symposiums
  • one-to-one guidance
  • opportunities to take part in events/projects 
  • award applications
  • resources 
  • planning evaluation(s).

Contact us 


Public Engagement Manager
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7380 3230 

Public Engagement Coordinator
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7380 3113 

Public Engagement Evaluation Officer
Telephone: +44 (0)20 3926 3122

Our vision

  • Public engagement with research includes making our research and knowledge accessible to the public and working with publics to produce that knowledge. 
  • Birkbeck is a place where we connect, collaborate, challenge received wisdom and build on the expertise of life and work, as well as 'official' knowledge. We see public engagement as at the heart of our values and as a core part of our research, enabling us to interact with a wide and diverse range of people for the betterment of our research and our researchers. 
  • 'We believe public engagement is an essential part of a strong research culture that supports interdisciplinary study and acknowledges the importance of non-academic expertise.' Professor David Latchman, Master of Birkbeck. 
  • Birkbeck’s Public Engagement Team is funded from three sources: Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Funding; an RCUK Strategic Support to Expedite Embedding Public Engagement with Research grant; and the College’s own commitment, which matches the Wellcome and RCUK funds. 

Public engagement and impact

  • Public engagement and impact agendas share some common aims and the Public Engagement Team works closely with the College Impact Officers to this end. Not all public engagement qualifies as 'impact' though, and vice versa. The key is engagement with people, rather than any specific outputs. 
  • See above for areas in which the Public Engagement Team can help you. 
  • Birkbeck's Impact Officers can help and advise on impact pathways or plans: 
  • Read our top tips for developing your research impact
  • As stated by Research Councils UK: 'Public engagement may be included as one element of your Pathway to Impact. Engaging the public with your research can improve the quality of research and its impact, raise your profile, and develop your skills. It also enables members of the public to act as informed citizens and can inspire the next generation of researchers.'