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About Us

Our international team of researchers are exploring experiences of climate change impact, and coping and adaptation strategies, in diverse island communities in Orkney, Mauritius and Fiji.

We seek to understand the unique needs and local priorities of individual islands, identify common challenges and explore opportunities to share solutions across island communities in very different parts of the world. This research is supported by the Natural Environment Research Council.

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The Project Team

The project team brings together world-leading researchers with experience in a range of island contexts and in a diversity of methodological approaches.

  • Aideen Foley, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Geography at Birkbeck, University of London
  • Stefano Moncada, Lecturer at the University of Malta
  • Patrick Nunn, Professor of Geography at the University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Verena Tandrayen-Ragoobur, Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Mauritius
  • Michelle Mycoo, Professor of Urban and Regional at the University of the West Indies