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About us

Based in the Department of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics, the Microeconomics Research Group promotes research in microeconomic theory and applications to finance, regulation and behavioural economics.

The Group regularly participates in the Department's weekly seminars and releases early versions of its research outputs as Working Papers.

Our Members

Our members are academics and PhD students in the Department of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics at Birkbeck.


  • Ken Hori, Lecturer in Economics and Finance (research interests: Incentives in Banking Regulations, Theory of Finance, Search Theory, Theory of Firm, Contract Theory) 
  • Sandeep Kapur, Professor of Economics (research interests: financial intermediation, financial regulation, emerging economies, sovereign default)
  • John Morrow, Lecturer in Economics (research interests: international economics, political economy and development)
  • Arina Nikandrova, Lecturer in Economics (research interests: economic theory and game theory, industrial organisation and antitrust economics, finance)
  • Arup Daripa, Lecturer in Financial Economics (research interests: mechanism design and auctions, financial crises ambiguity and dynamic incentives, non-market credit institutions, banking)
  • David Schroeder, Senior Lecturer in Finance (research interests: empirical finance: empirical asset pricing, implied cost of capital, equity duration, firm profitability, decision theory: choice, learning, and decision making under ambiguity)
  • Emanuela Sciubba, Reader in Economics (research interests: economic theory, finance)
  • Roald Versteeg, Lecturer in Finance

PHD Students

  • Adesina Adetola
  • Angelos Diamontopoulos
  • Debapratim De
  • Jorge Martin Ceron
  • David Latto
  • Rene Levesley
  • Sajith Perera
  • Olu Sanya