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About us

Head of group

  • Brad Baxter
    General research interests: numerical analysis. 
    Particular research interests: approximation theory and numerical analysis.

Academic Members

  • Andrew Bowler
    Research interests: symmetric designs, Latin squares, quasigroups and non-associative algebra.
  • Ben Fairbairn
    Research interests: groups and related matters in combinatorics and occasionally geometry. 
  • Sarah Hart
    Research interests: product-free sets, coxeter groups and commuting graphs.
  • Simon Hubbert
    Research interests: approximation theory, optimisation and mathematical finance.
  • Steve Noble
    Research interests: combinatorics (graph polynomials), computational complexity (frequency assignment) and delta-matroids.
  • Maura Paterson
    Research interests: information security and combinatorics.
  • Ilaria Peri
    Research interests: mathematical finance, quantitative finance, risk and performance measures, financial risk and backtesting.
  • Alexey Pokrovskiy
    Research interests: TBD

Phd students

  • Angela Aguele (PhD student)
  • Ammad Ahmed (PhD student)
  • Simon Fretwell (PhD student)
  • Steven Green (PhD student)
  • Dan McVeagh (PhD student)
  • Denis Mazières (PhD student)
  • Yifei Mo (PhD student)
  • Adetokunbo Olufodun (PhD student)
  • Aziza Sentissi (PhD student)

Former PhD Students

  • Amal Sbeiti Clarke (supervised by Sarah Hart, completed 2018)
  • Chimere Anabanti (supervised by Sarah Hart, completed 2017)
  • Emilio Pierro (supervised by Ben Fairbairn, completed 2015)