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Birkbeck Curatorial Research Lab at Peltz Gallery

Dates: March – July 2020 

For its 2020 programme the Peltz Gallery becomes a Research Hub, a two-term initiative aimed at foregrounding curatorial research activity across Birkbeck’s School of Arts and associated research communities.

Colleagues at the School of Arts will present events focusing on experimental, discursive, process-based, participatory curatorial contributions. The programme engages with the question of how a gallery can be used as a dynamic and shared space of exchange, knowledge production and collective work, beyond exhibition-making. These initiatives may involve setting up a research space, hosting seminars, workshops, screenings, performances, listening sessions, reading groups or other low-cost formats that would benefit from the use of the gallery space through simple spatial interventions, otherwise not possible in other teaching spaces.

Applications are now closed. Information regarding the selected projects and launch dates will be announced shortly.