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Training needs analysis

All postgraduate research students at Birkbeck are invited to complete a Training Needs Analysis (TNA). 

the benefits of Training Needs Analysis (TNA) 

  • This process will help you: 
    • create a framework to identify and assess your training needs 
    • formulate a plan to meet your training needs 
    • establish your priorities, so that you can identify and take advantage of relevant opportunities as they arise 
    • develop high-level skills and experience, to strengthen your career prospects beyond your MPhil/PhD 
    • record your training, to demonstrate and document your new skills 
    • ensure the Birkbeck Graduate Research School (BGRS), schools and departments evaluate and develop the best training for MPhil/PhD researchers. 

Completing your Training Needs Analysis (TNA) form 


  • Please submit your completed TNA 2019-20 form by the end of the Spring Term 2020

Important note for funded MPhil/PhD researchers 

  • If you are funded through a Doctoral Training Programme (e.g. if you are an ESRC UBEL researcher), check if you need to complete a different TNA process. 
  • If there is a specific TNA process tied to your funding, complete that instead of the Birkbeck TNA process.  

Vitae researcher development framework (RDF)