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Student Success Survey

The Student Success Survey is a Birkbeck-wide research project that aims to identify factors associated with the student success  and withdrawal at Birkbeck. If we better understand factors that impact withdrawal, we can implement evidence-based interventions designed to increase student retention.

All Birkbeck students (with the exception of those in the final year of study) will be encouraged to complete the survey annually, with randomised groups invited at different times throughout the year. The survey, which has been designed after a literature review of past research on the causes of student withdrawal, measures a range of variables known to be associated with withdrawal from higher education.

The survey will take students approximately 10 minutes to complete. The biggest the completion rates that we achieve, the more we will be likely to gain from the survey and to support the success of Birkbeck students.

What happens with the results?

Dr. Chris Dewberry is leading the research and will analyse the survey responses. The results will be reported to the Strategic Planning Committee. Results will also be reported at the Student Engagement and Widening Participation Committee to discuss possible interventions based on the survey results.

For more information on the Student Success Survey please contact Dr. Chris Dewberry at