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Student Engagement in Quality Assurance and Enhancement Processes

Birkbeck College values student’s views and has a number of formal and informal ways to gather, evaluate and respond to feedback, including, but not limited to:

Student Feedback

Academic Standards and Quality team (ASQ) is responsible for overseeing the implementation of internal and external student satisfaction surveys, in addition to managing the disseminating of results.

All surveys run in the spring term (approx. Jan – May) of the academic year.

Confidentiality and systems

The surveys are online and confidential, and all reporting will be anonymous, except for the NSS which reports results at a programme level. The college can link results of the other three surveys with broad demographic categories, whilst maintaining student anonymity.

Reporting and actions

Data analysis begins early summer and the survey reports are disseminated to Schools and departments via relevant committees. To demonstrate our commitment to improving the student experience at Birkbeck, and valuing student feedback, survey results – and information on changes that we make as a result of student feedback – will be published on the My Birkbeck website for all students. For further information and advice contact

Other engagement

  • Class representatives: on each of our degree programmes, we ask for volunteers to act as class representatives. Their role is to represent the class in Student-Staff Exchange meetings.
  • Student-Staff exchange meetings: all of our Schools and Departments host regular Student-Staff exchange meetings, where students and class representatives are invited to provide feedback on the modules they are taking and their study experience.
  • Module evaluation: the module evaluation that students will be asked to complete at the end of their studies is an important element of our quality assurance procedures. The form is a student's chance to share their views on the progress of the class with their lecturers.
  • Formal quality assurance procedures: in addition to the above, the college values the participation of students in formal quality assurance processes, including internal review and annual programme monitoring. For more information on how students can get involved, please contact