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Veer Books at the Small Publishers Fair 2011 (11th & 12th November 2011)


Veer Books will be manning a stall at the upcoming Small Publishers Fair 2011, (November 11th & 12th 2011) at the Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1 (11am to 7pm) - come and see us there.

Poetry presses include Poetic Practice MA at Royal Holloway University, Reality Street, West House, Shearsman, Veer, Etruscan Books, seekers of lice, & Litteraria Pragensia Books.

At the fair this year we will be launching 6 new Veer Books:









038  Aodán McCardle – ‘IS ing’
Veer Publication 038 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-29-2]
Aodán McCardle’s long awaited first solo collection of performance work. A transcription from the recordings of performances from the last four years, this is uncompromising and unapologising experimental poetry that brilliantly engages the risk horizon of performance writing.
8.3” x 8.3” size. 80 pages plus CD. May 2011. £10.00

044  Simon Smith – ‘Gravesend’
Veer Publication 044 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-36-0]
‘As Simon Smith was never swayed by the three-colour gloss of Cool Brittania he now dismisses the doom-monger’s toll that says just by walking to the looted edge of the recession we will fall off into a sea of outraged mannequins. Unwilling to accept at face value the false belief that Graves-end is a necropolis for plague victims Smith walks it to find human movement amidst the detritus of the living. Far from the average poet of ‘place’ who attempts to bring the aleatory world into their privileged centre, he makes for the truth of the fringes. Gravesend is anti-media, it records what doesn’t sell. Smith is on a long-term project that is shifting with the sediments of the times, aware “history doesn’t repeat itself, people do’.  (Chris McCabe)
16cmsx16cms size. 56 pages. November 2011. £5.00

046  Alan Halsey – ‘Even if only out of’
Veer Publication 046 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-39-1]
These poems were written 2008-10. They include some skips & charms against recession, Cicero’s reflections on New Labour, an alphabet, two sets of riddles, a quarrelsome symposium on Blake’s erotica, a tale of post-imperial commerce, recent discoveries concerning the lizopard, versions of Martial, notes on bubbles and additions to Lives of the Poets.
6x9” size. 108 pages. November 2011. £8.00

Burner 009  Johan de Wit – ‘Lord How And His Sandwich’
Burner Veer Publication 009 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-38-4]
Lord How meets, eats, and excretes. Ingestion, digestion, elimination are to convenience food what reading, comprehension, and forgetting are to convenient literature. Remember what it is to read, wonder at what it is to know, live in a persistent present of finding. Let Lord How’s Sandwich by Johan de Wit swallow you whole!  (Wayne Clements)
A5 size. 40 pages. November 2011. £5.00

Burner 010  Rebecca Cremin – ‘LAY’D’
Burner Veer Publication 010 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-40-7]
Like white silk, this eye catches the screen at every turn: a slice through the eyeball revealing the edges of the unscreened visual. Physical is black movement in all dimensions, the book is not happy to sit in your hand.
A5 landscape size. 156 pages. November 2011. £8.00

Critical Veer 000  Esther Leslie – ‘Bouleversed Baudelairizing’
Critical Veer Publication 000 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-42-1]
In straight refusal of ideology-denial, this essay restores politics to the critique of poetry, and demonstrates the source of the radical in terror. Forceful and lucid readings of Sean Bonney and Anna Mendelssohn.
A4 size. 46 pages. November 2011. £3.00


The full schedule of readings on Saturday 12th is:

12.00 Poetic Practice MA at Royal Holloway: Jennie Cole, Emma Conway, Julius Hinks, Hazel McMichael, Rachel Porteret, Maximilian Richmond, Juliet Troy & James Waite
1.00 Etruscan Books: Nicholas Johnson: ‘Listening to the Stones’
1.30 Suryastra: David Elias presents’Delhicious’: the experience of Indian Street Food Culture
2.00 Shearsman Books: Jaime Robles & Laurie Duggan
2.30 Martha Hellion: Director of the M•H Centre for Research and Documentation of Artist´s Books, Mexico City
3.00 Road Books: Judy Kravis launches ‘Strangeness: a poem sequence of exotic elementary tales’
3.30 seekers of lice: ‘A Minor Poet of the 21st Century: 59 index cards in no particular order’
4.00 Reality Street & West House Books: John Gilmore, Richard Makin & Geraldine Monk
5.00 Litteraria Pragensia Books: David Vichnar & Louis Armand launch VLAK 2
5.30 Veer Books: Johan de Wit, Rebecca Cremin, Alan Halsey, Esther Leslie, Simon Smith, Aodan McCardle & Adrian Clarke

Admission is free to all events and readings

please see for more details.