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Veer Books Launch / Writers Forum Celebration @ BBK (16th Dec 2009)

On Wednesday 16th December Veer Books will hold a Writers Forum Celebration Reading at which 3 new Veer Books will be launched:




017 Maggie O'Sullivan – ‘ALTO - London Poems 1975-1984’
Veer Publication 017 [ISBN: 978-0-9558763-7-0]
Maggie O'Sullivan's new book presents work from the 1970s & '80s: these powerfully constructed poems offer a place from which it becomes possible to exercise vital thought … rather than just to suffer life; to ride in sound and syntax the sinewy entanglement of material existence.
5.3x8.3” size. 68 pages. September 2009. £7.50

019 Johan de Wit – ‘No Hand Signals: the invisibility of language in poetry’
Veer Publication 019 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-04-9]
De Wit’s Statements invite us to explore the unfamiliar landscape of language seen from inside its pores and corridors. Be prepared for a journey into unusual places where the habits that get you through the language labyrinth stop working and other realities start to appear.
5x8” size. 184 pages. December 2009. £8.00

025 Jennifer Pike Cobbing – ‘SCRUNCH
Veer Publication 025 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-10-0]
Jennifer Pike Cobbing’s stunning and extraordinary visual work has for too long remained unobtainable in print form. With SCRUNCH, the first of two collections, we present a startling selection of visual work that stretches over decades of innovation.  This is a book long, long overdue, and features both visual poetry and visual composition in both black and white and vibrant colour.
A4 size. 120 pages. December 2009. £10.00

All three poets have had strong links to Writers Forum in the past and the present - they will be joined by Writers Forum Co-Convenor Adrian Clarke for this event.

Readers: Adrian Clarke, Jenny Cobbing, Johan de Wit, and Maggie O'Sullivan.

Date: Wednesday 16th December 2009.
Time: 19:30
Venue: The Council Room, Birkbeck College Main Building, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX.
All Welcome

Directions: the Birkbeck Main Building is sandwiched between Malet Street and Torrington Square, and the main entrance is on the Torrington Square side, at the Senate House end of the square/plaza.
Click this link for a map.

These publications, and all other Veer Books, will be available at the Dec 16th Celebration, as well as at various upcoming CPRC Birkbeck events, or by post directly from Veer.
Contact Veer Books at for more details.


*** Lawrence Upton's 'a song and a film' will now be launched later in 2010 ***