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Veer Books Launch @ BBK (24th July 2010) - Out To Lunch & Cris Paul




Saturday 24th July 2010, 7.00 pm
The Council Room, Birkbeck College Main Building, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7HX (entrance on Torrington Sqr)
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026 Out To Lunch – ‘Smooch Tentet Resolve’
Veer Publication 026 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-11-7]
Bouncing out of the page, Out To Lunch’s brilliantly quirky Smooch Tentet Resolve explodes the confines of the page and the medium. This is a text where sharp, ratcheted language is propelled by a cartoon visuality that is thoroughly modern, invading as it does the 21st century territory of the poem.
5x8” size. 96 pages. June 2010. £6.00

027 Cris Paul – ‘stenia cultus handbook’
Veer Publication 027 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-12-4]
“Drawing on a long, and long-suppressed, tradition of visual and sound poetry (think Cobbing, think O'Sullivan, think Bonney), Paul's poems map out territories for survival by imagining new linguistic shapes. As one might expect, there's a strong element ofmagic to his writing – language is used both as spell and charm – but there's nothing New Age about it. It knows its targets and it's out to get them. No one is innocent: ‘A punch in the throat to both hapless and vanguard.’ This volume is a provocation and anecessity.” (Jeff Hilson)
A5 landscape size. 76 pages. April 2010. £6.00

Free Entry. All Welcome