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Crater Press/Veer Books launch (Tuesay, 04 September 2012)

Tuesday 04 September 2012

Birkbeck College, room 539, Malet Street building, from 7.30-9pm.
Map available here

free entry, all welcome

featuring the launch of new publications and readings from Robert Hampson, Jeff Hilson, and Richard Parker


Crater 21: August 2012. Robert Hampson, out of sight.

Robert Hampson is Professor of Modern Literature at RHUL, where he teaches on the MA in Poetic Practice. His ‘Assembled Fugitives: Selected Poems 1973-98’ appeared from Stride in 2000. His most recent publication was ‘an explanation of colours’ (Veer, 2011).

‘out of sight’, like the poster-poem ‘map-loading: 51:31N 00:05W’ (2008), is an exercise in procedural writing and recriture.The single sentence, with its shifting phrasal linkages, responds to recent work by Vanessa Place. It’s also the record of a mis-spent decade
.£3 + p&p.


Crater 20: July 2012. Jeff Hilson, From ORGAN MUSIC: AN ANTI-MASQUE NOT FOR DANCING

Jeff Hilson is a senior lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Roehampton. His works include Stretchers (Reality Street, 2006), Bird Bird (Landfill, 2009), and In the Assarts (Veer Books, 2010). He edited The Reality Street Book of Sonnets (Reality Street, 2008). With Sean Bonney he co-runs the Crossing the Line reading series.

‘From ORGAN MUSIC: AN ANTI-MASQUE NOT FOR DANCING’ is a new and ongoing narrative and non-narrative sequence (not) about the English organ adding obfuscation to an already obfusced instrument. Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625) was apparently Glenn Gould’s (1932-1982) favourite composer. Decide for yourselves!Other sections of ORGAN MUSIC have appeared recently in VLAK 3, Open Letter and Writers Forearm.£3 + p&p.


Veer 048  R.T.A. Parker – ‘The Traveller & The Defence of Heaven’

Richard Parker works in Turkey, but comes from London.  He's had two books published; from The Mountain of California... and China, and now this from Veer.

Veer Publication 048 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-45-2]          

Projective epic?  End-of-the-world Sci Fi Saga? Sophisticated shaggy dog story? This poem’s mix of allegory, the mock heroic, graphic imaginings, narrative invention and parodic brilliance enriches the account of a city-size spaceship escaping the demise of our solar system. At the outset the ship’s pilot admits, “I dread | the dé | noument / Of this | myster | ious / Story | between | the stars ”, and with good reason. Midway through the poem, come to the end of stellar space, all aboard retire to pods for “many | million / Years of  | forcèd | slumber”. Readers need fear no such fate.(Adrian Clarke)

5x8” size. 108 pages. May 2012. £7.00