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Veer Books now available on Amazon // PLUS // new Veer texts from R.T.A. Parker and Danny Hayward



Veer books are now available on - click  here  for our new Amazon storefront set up with our friends at Litteraria Pragensia

You can still order direct from us, as before, by emailing with an order or an enquiry, or you can write to us at: William Rowe/Stephen Mooney, Department of English and Humanities, School of Arts, Birkbeck College, University of London, 43 Gordon Square, London, WC1H OPD. Alternatively you can phone us on 020 85210907.
We accept payment by cheque (£Sterling or $US), Paypal, or £Sterling or $US cash - please contact us at for further details (including postage charges).


We are very pleased to present two, dare we say it, exciting new Veer texts by R.T.A. Parker and Danny Hayward, which are available now:




048  R.T.A. Parker – ‘The Traveller & The Defence of Heaven’
Veer Publication 048 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-45-2]          

Projective epic?  End-of-the-world Sci Fi Saga? Sophisticated shaggy dog story? This poem’s mix of allegory, the mock heroic, graphic imaginings, narrative invention and parodic brilliance enriches the account of a city-size spaceship escaping the demise of our solar system. At the outset the ship’s pilot admits, “I dread | the dé | noument / Of this | myster | ious / Story | between | the stars ”, and with good reason. Midway through the poem, come to the end of stellar space, all aboard retire to pods for “many | million / Years of  | forcèd | slumber”. Readers need fear no such fate.
(Adrian Clarke)

5x8” size. 108 pages. May 2012. £7.00

Critical Veer 002  Danny Hayward – ‘Two essays: Best and worst in poetry/Perfect capitalism’
Critical Veer Publication 002 [ISBN: 978-1-907088-46-9]
Danny Hayward’s scalding prose responds to the strict demands of radical critique: here is the sharpness and unflinching hardness that the current crisis demands.  Along with insidious illusions of finding a way out, he destroys Zizek’s theory of fantasy and exposes the bourgeois character of ideas, as in Hazlitt, Heidegger, of self-transcendence. And he tests the knife thus forged on Keats, Kevin Davies, and Justin Katko. Read on!
A4 size. 44 pages. May 2012. £3.00



Stay tuned for news of our new series of innovative work by younger writers, Volume 0 and Volume 1 featuring writing by [Edmund Hardy, Danny Hayward, Mendoza, Samuel Solomon] and [Becky Cremin, Amy Evans, Frances Kruk, Nat Raha] respectively ... and of our new website (coming soon) ...

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