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Response to Colin Campbell Robinson's Notes Towards Disillusion

- Ryan Ormonde


illusive elusive elude illude illuding alluding allusions illusions elisions

illusive illusory illustrate illustration illustrative

illusive illuse illuing illusing

illusive illuation illuate illuating illuatory

illusive illu illus illum illorum


in + ludere: to play, mock


illusive inludic inludo

illusive inlusive inluding

illusive illude illuding

illusive illusory illustrate


in + lustrare: to purify, make bright


illusive ill in

illusive lusive lusion lusory lude ludes

illusive lusive lusion luse

illusive lusive luse lusing


pron. i-'lü-siv, -ziv


illusive lusive lu

illusive lulu lala

illusive lusive lusi sisi

illusive lusivity lusivious lusiveness

illusive lusiveness


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