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Issue 4

issn 1758-373X


Aodán McCardle, painting green n triangle (2009)


Welcome to Readings 4.


No long editorial pre-amble - lets just get straight to it.

Many thanks to the contributors for their work - do check back in as further pieces will be added in the coming weeks.


As usual, please do contact us at the addresses listed in the Submissions, Replies, Contacting Us section if you have any comments, or responses to the pieces in any issue of Readings, or indeed would like to submit something for the next issue.

Many thanks, again, go to Barbara Harris and the Birkbeck IT Services for all their help with, and work on, the new 'Readings' site.

Piers Hugill, Aodán McCardle, & Stephen Mooney


© Copyright and all other rights remain with the individual authors/artists.

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