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James Wilkes

Pieter Peeters, Delta Blueprints, trans. by Claude Claus,
(New York: Panoctagon Books, 1998), 90pp.


If two homing pigeons descending in a rotary blur got tangled this translation would
release one and retain the other for its records.

If Le Corbusier and La Baker had done it in a Flanders motel this translation would be
midwife to their mewling offspring.

If you were looking for a place to live this translation would offer delightful and useless

If the coloratura of words could somehow be divorced from their ligaments this
translation would be there with a crowbar.

Sometimes there’s an after-effect, green on black, or is it pink on blue? The shapes are
boxy concertinas anyway, expanding wheezily through streetlight.

A sand bar, a love hotel, a prison hulk, a nylon arcade.


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