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Chris Paul



Join the Contemporary Poet with the “Review Style Comment”

All correct entries win a prize.  An unpublished manuscript!!!!!!!

The first answer in filled in for you:


“concrete, stapled, to be performed wonders”    ---------------------->    Bob Cobbing

“pepper and verve”                                                                                  Maggie O Sullivan

“prolific “esemplasm””                                                                              Jow Lindsay
“visualyric uncovering unconscious folk memory”                                      Jeff Hilson

“cartoon textulality”                                                                                 Sean Bonney

“an entity, a disconcertingly brilliant mixture of the                                   Geraldine Monk

the ferocious, the glib, and the cerebum”

“unfashionable tenacity towards divergent forms”                                     Rob Holloway

“mental splinters and hexes”                                                                    Tim Atkins

“collaborative failure lovingly squared”                                                      Tom Raworth

“poems that posit purity of form as an exploration of                                 Tertia Longmire          

content most ingeniously”                                                                              

“melancholic anti-nostalgia”                                                                      Robert Shepherd

“leafy poignancy”                                                                                      Marrianne Morris

“ever moving cleverness”                                                                          Ian Davidson

“add Jow Lindsay to that to”                                                                      Zoe Skoulding

“neuron unsettling live writing/intervention”                                             Mike Weller

“one of the most humourous poets going, and                                           Lawrence Upton

that is not being reductive however”

“who would have thought that highly structured                                       LUC

detritus would ever be so unerringly touching?”

“dervish twists with language that prove, finally, that                               Patricia Farrel

the subjective is not necessarily fictional”

“much cleverer than most people who get money to                                Redell Olsen

publish stuff in Welsh”

“the inventor of the term “linguistically innovative””                                Tom Raworth

“one of London’s most under-rated poets”                                               Adrian Clark

“his accelerations were way before his time, and                                      Out To Lunch

probably still are.  One of the most important writers

in the English language of the 20th Century.  Period.”

“more post-modern than revolutionary, but very good                             Chris Goode

none the less, and an important figure to boot”

“the scope of his intellectual ambition is matched by                                Andreas Aandwanter

his both his ability and sympathy”

“the lyrical and the ideological in  a post punk gothic                               Harry Gilonis





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