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Issue 3

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Welcome back to 'Readings'.

Bill Griffiths, with Rob Holloway and Lawrence Upton, at The Poetry Buzz, July 23rd 2005Events have been so that this issue of Readings has been postponed for longer than we would have wished, for various technical and non-technical reasons,
the most important of which by far being the sad and untimely death of the
great poet Bill Griffiths last September. Indeed Bill had been working on the technical side of Readings for us at the time of his death, and his loss has been greatly felt as a man of immense technical ability, as well as the outstanding
poet that he was.

We would like to express our gratitude once again for all the great work Bill has done putting together both the Readings and PORES webjournals for publication, and for his steady patience, generosity, and goodwill throughout, especially with
editors with little technical knowledge of the web world!
Bill really was a pleasure to work with.

The 'Bill shaped hole' that others have mentioned is bigger than ever.

Details of Bill's life and work can be accessed at

See also Tom Raworth's In Memoriam page at

and the obituaries by Will Rowe in The Guardian [],
Nicholas Johnson in The Independent [],
and Ken Edwards in The Times [].

Veer Books will celebrate Bill's work with the publication of The Lion Man & others later this summer, a collection of his work that Bill had been compiling with us, again at the time of his death.

Bill Griffith's Collected Earlier Poems (1968-80), edited by Alan Halsey & Ken Edwards, will be published by Reality Street and West House in 2010.


Due to the various tehnical difficulties we have experienced over the last few months, it may be that some data relating to Readings has been lost. If you have contacted us, and have not received a reply, or have sent us work that we have not acknowledged please do contact us again at the new addresses listed in the Submissions, Replies, Contacting Us section.

Many thanks also go to Barbara Harris and the Birkbeck IT Services for all their help with, and work on, this new 'Readings' site.

Piers Hugill, Aodán McCardle, & Stephen Mooney


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