Robert Sheppard

Where Treads of Death: Iain Sinclair : 'The Ebbing of the Kraft'
(Cambridge: Equipage, 1997)

In the late nineties, when Iain Sinclair seemed to be publishing a book every few months, and was consolidating his reputation as a leading documentarist and cultural commentator, The Ebbing of the Kraft slipped out, certainly unannounced and almost unnoticed. Sinclair's 1996 anthology Conductors of Chaos is in many ways a miscellany drawn from the backlist of Rod Mengham's active press Equipage, so it is fitting that this 1997 booklet should have appeared in the series. While his major poetic works Lud Heat /Suicide Bridge (1975/1979) have been reissued several times (the latest by Granta in 2002) and although there have been volumes of selected poems (Flesh Eggs and Scalp Metal from Paladin in 1989, and as part of Penguin Modern Poets 10, 1996), Sinclair as a poet has been disregarded.....

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