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Research student and thesis


  • Bulent Somay: L’Orient n’existe pas:The Oriental Transvestite in Transition.
Lynne Segal, Stephen Frosh
  • Felipe Massao Kuzuhara: A Space for Affect.
  • Yuval Moshkovitz: The role of national identification in mental structure.
  • Virginia Emily Ruth Elgar: Psychoanalysis and Performance.
Stephen Frosh, Lisa Baraitser
  • Kelly Ann Noel Smith: Time, Philosophy and Psychoanalysis.
Stephen Frosh
  • Michael Hugh Mallaghan: Negotiating gay Chinese subjectivities – shame, dilemmas and conflicts.
  • Elizabeth Hughes: Psychosocial implications of adopted women's experiences of finding their biological fathers in adulthood.
Irene Bruna Seu, Stephen Frosh
  • Jeffrey Baker: Practices of Autoethnographic Aesthetic Subjectivity or the Intersubjective Critique of the Unmarked Artistic Self

Margarita Palacios

  • Nethali Sabbah Lerner: Growing up in the aftermath of the genocide: identity and meaning of survival in young adults living in Rwanda. A clinical narrative analysis of testemonies.
Irene Bruna Seu, Derek Hook
  • Maria Brock: Looking for moments of Russianness - Locating national identification in discourse.
Derek Hook, Lynne Segal
Derek Hook, Sasha Roseneil
  • Carly Guest: Young women's narratives and memories of 'becoming feminist': A multi-method study.
Lynne Segal, Sasha Roseneil
  • Mike Laycock: Doctor Who and gay indentity.
  • Christopher Milnes: Euphoria: Configuring London gay clubbing.
  • Hannah Platt: An exploration of chastity, tease and denial: On cuckolding & non-sexual gratification servitude.
Amber Jacobs, Matt Cook
  • Pauline Muir: The meanings and uses of Gospel Music in a black-majority Pentecostal congregation in London.
Gordon Lynch, Yasmeen Narayan
  • Rhiain Jessie Lefton: Locating a Diaspora Consciousness: Possibilities of Being Without the State.
Derek Hook, Yasmeen Narayan
  • Mutmahim Roaf: Bangladeshi in Camden: The Idea of Community and its political uses in 'Social Inclusion'.
William Ackah, Yasmeen Narayan
  • Hajnalka Bessenyei: The LGBT Movement in Romania: stories of queer life and resistance.
Sasha Roseneil, Matt Cook
  • Joshua Cunliffe: Re-reading Freudian Dream Interpretation via Derridian Deconstruction.
Amber Jacobs, Lisa Baraitser
  • Maria Wozniak: The sociological and psychological aspects, outcomes and reasons for the debate concerned with consensual unlawful sexual intercourse laws in England among teenagers/adolescents, its structure (participants, access, rules, etc.) and content (language usage).
Sasha Roseneil, Daniel Monk
  • Marianne Lemond: 'Single Together' :Single women's construction of identities and communities in the virtual space of the blogosphere.
Sasha Roseneil, Miriam Zukas
  • June Wang: Trading Tales: Identity Management Strategy of Gay and Lesbian City Workers.
Sasha Roseneil, Rosie Cox
  • Mahnaz Sekechi: Iranian Diaspora: How do patterns of early Attachments and feelings of Belongingness
  • Sharon Shoesmith: Unpalatable truths: how does society cope?
Sasha Roseneil, Irene Bruna Seu
  • William Wolf Potter: Remaking the self in the context of workshops and retreats for gay men.
Sasha Roseneil
  • Filiz Celik: The inter and Multi-generational transmission of trauma (PTSD) following human-made disasters.

Laurence Spurling, Stephen Frosh

  • Verity Currie: Addiction and the Dead Mother Complex.

Laurence Spurling, Stephen Frosh

  • Kate Thomas: The impact of university retention strategies on part-time, mature students.
Sue Jackson, Elizabeth Hoult
  • Luca Bartozzi: Queer Diasporas in London:  Inter-ethnic Sociality and cultural Participation
Lynne Segal, Silvia Posocco
  • Javier Taillefer: Justice and culture: A structural impossibility


Margarita Palacios, Stephen Frosh

  • Erol Saglam: A psychoanlytic assessment of memory, identity and subjectivity in a Turkish context

Silvia Posocco, Stephen Frosh


  • Eleonora Bottini: Women and gender violence in Italy.

Lisa Baraitser, Sasha Roseneil

  • Alan Bristow: Psychosis and Ideology: Exploring the radical political potential of Lacan's concept of `Schizophrenia'

Derek Hook, Lisa Baraitser

  • Gerald Wayne Burnette: Homonationalism, (Critical) Whiteness, and Neoliberal Multiculturalism in Britain

Yasmeen Narayan, Lisa Baraitser

  • Jonas Green: The Phallus and its Discontents

Lisa Braitser, Amber Jacobs

  • Valerie Sanders: Great ramifications: Envy and sadism as dynamics of loss.

Derek Hook, Amber Jacobs

  • Magda Schmukalla: The concept of freedom in Adorno's critical theory discussed alongside the political art scene in Poland

Margarita Palacios, Silvia Posocco