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Viviane Green

  • B.Ed. (London), M.A. Cultural Studies (London)
  • Senior Lecturer and Programme Manager for the M.Sc. and Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents

Research and Teaching


  • I am a registered practising psychoanalytic psychotherapist (BPC, ACP and Association for Child Analysis Inc) working (in English and French) with children, adolescents and adults. For several years I worked in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service in the NHS where I initiated a child psychotherapy service in an inner city school. From 1999 – 2009 I was Head of Child Psychotherapy Training at the Anna Freud Centre London. I have developed and taught on child psychotherapy training programmes in Europe and South America and have been involved in the profession as Vice Chair of the ACP Training Council and as Co Editor of the Journal for Child Psychotherapy. In addition to lecturing at Birkbeck I teach at a number of psychotherapy institutions and UCL. I am currently advising on developing an programme for Beijing University and Capital Hospital, for mental health professionals working with children and adolescents.

Research interests

  • I am interested in the problems and possibilities of integrating accounts of emotional development drawing on a range biopsychosocial  frameworks as reflected in a book I edited Emotional Development in Psychoanalysis, Neuroscience and Attachment Theory - Creating Connections.(Hove:Brunner-Routledge. (2003)
  • I have a specific interest in clinical issues linked to the transmission of intergenerational trauma and a multi perspectives approach in understanding the growth of the capacity for empathy and its links to pathology. Parallel interests are the ways in which new findings can inform clinical practice and shape our understanding of psychic change. Practice based interest is in how  psychodynamic understanding can be widely applied by a range of practitioners working in diverse contexts in ways which leads to best practice.


  • As well as teaching on the MSc course at Birkbeck I am a guest lecturer at a number of psychotherapy institutions and am a regular contributor to the MSc on Developmental Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis, Yale/UCL/Anna Freud Centre


  • Filiz Celik. PhD: Intergenerational transmission of trauma in case of Dersim Massacre 1937-8
  • Sarah Peters. D Psychotherapy, Child and Adolescent. Therapist’s understanding of treating medicated ADHD children
  • Olivia Thomson. D Psychotherapy, Child and Adolescent. The parental experience of adopting siblings
  • Angeline Wallis. D Psychotherapy, Child and Adolescent. Issues for health professionals working with HIV mothers



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Chapters in edited books

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Journal articles

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  • Green, V. (2015). Discussion of Hughes’ “There’s No Such Thing as a Whole Story” in Studies in Gender and Sexuality 16:3. 170-178. DOI 10.1080/15240657.2015.1073033.


Professional membership and awards

Professional membership

  • ACP- Association of Child Psychotherapists
  • BCP- British Psychoanalytic Council
  • BPF- British Psychotherapy Foundation
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


  • Teaching in China
  • In August 2012, Peking University in conjunction with Beijing An Ding Hospital , Capital Medical University and the Chinese Association for Mental Health invited myself and Constance  Marcus, a Dutch colleague from the Dutch Psychoanalytic Institute ,to design and deliver a five day programme on emotional development. Dr Wang Qian (a child and adolescent psychiatrist and psychoanalyst) spearheaded the initiative.
  • The well received programme,  ‘Developmental Perspectives on the Growth of Empathy and Mentalisation’  was attended by eighty mental health professionals including psychiatrists and therapists working in a variety of contexts. Dr Marcus, drawing on contemporary research in infant development focused her lectures on early mother infant intervention

    In Spring 2013 a further 5 day course was offered attracting a large number of participants, again from varied backgrounds.  Dr Frances Salo from Australia offered her specialism; psychotherapeutic interventions in the early years.
  • Building on the earlier series, my lectures earlier series looked at ‘pathology’ as an adaptation to adverse environmental impact i.e. difficulties in parenting. The scope of the lectures looked at common presenting difficulties in the latency and adolescent years.  Another key feature of the programme was offering a systematic way to assess presenting difficulties formulated along psychodynamic lines. In addition I gave lectures on the history of child psychoanalysis and basic concepts.
  • Following this, at Dr Wang’s request on behalf of the training committee, requested that in the role of ‘Foreign Expert’ consulting to the training committee. I helped design, develop and continue to teach on a 3 year programme building on the initial course.
  • The context for this new initiative is necessitated by the effects of extremely rapid social change in China with a concomitant growth  (particularly in the last 5 years) of emotional distress in families and its impact on children and adolescents. There is a felt need for mental health professionals to expand their understanding of the field in ways that are congruent with their context… turn the challenge for those invited to contribute to the programme is to uncover ways of being found rather than lost in translation.

Contact details

Room 511, 30 Russell Square
Department of Psychosocial Studies
Birkbeck, University of London
London WC1B 5DT

Tel: +44 (0)20 7631 6395