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New MSc War and Humanitarianism

Department contributes to new master's programme

The Department of Psychosocial Studies will be contributing to the new MSc War and Humanitarianism, hosted in the Department of Politics.

War and humanitarianism are deeply embedded in the modern experience. Be it in the nineteenth-century calls for civilising war or the contemporary attempts at saving distant strangers, the conduct of organised violence and the defence of human rights cannot be separated out. This new interdisciplinary degree analyses the complex interaction between war and humanitarianism from multiple historical, geographical, political and cultural perspectives. It approaches war as a social totality that encompasses all manner of human processes and structures, and considers humanitarianism as an increasingly pervasive ideology, informing all sorts of collective social and political activity across the world.

Taught by leading scholars in the fields of history, geography, politics, philosophy and psychosocial studies, the new programme will give you advanced knowledge of the concepts, theories, histories and policy implications of war and humanitarianism in the world today.

Students on the new MSc programme will take a interdisciplinary module, Fields of War and Humanitarianism, which is co-taught with Psychosocial Studies staff. They will  be able to choose from a wide variety of optional modules across the School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy, including several modules taught by staff in our Department: Sexing the Body: Psychoanalytic and other Framings and Violence, Conflict, Genocide: Dilemmas of the Present.

For more details, and to make an application, visit our online postgraduate prospectus.


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