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Past as Future, Spectres of Marx, Freud and Benjamin

Starts Mar 15, 2013 09:00 AM
Finishes Mar 15, 2013 09:00 PM
Venue Helsinki, Finland
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Dr. Margarita Palacios will present her paper: “Past as Future, Spectres of Marx, Freud and Benjamin” in the context of this year’s Psychoanalysis and Politics Symposium, taking place Helsinki, Finland, next Friday 15th of March.

Abstract: After the collapse of the Berlin wall and demise of the Soviet Union, Fukuyama claimed in 1992 that the end of the Cold War was also the end of history, the culmination of mankind's 'ideological evolution' and the universalization of Western liberal democracy. The ethnic and nationalist violence that erupted in Rwanda and the Balkans during the mid-nineties, and the 'war on terror' that was launched after September 11, 2001, proved soon enough this prediction to be, if anything, 'inaccurate'. Of the many ways in which these abovementioned claims can be counter-argued, in this paper I elaborate on the notion of temporality and the revolutionary potential of what exceeds its linearity: the structural 'out-of-jointness' of time. Bringing in Marx's theorizing of the communist revolution, Freud's return of the repressed and Walter Benjamin's notion of messianic time, in my paper I discuss how political events capture the ceaseless dialectic of an unresolved past and an always deferred future.