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Summer Film Season Screening 3 - Taste of Cherry ( Abbas Kiarostami,1997)

Starts Jun 25, 2013 06:00 PM
Finishes Jun 25, 2013 09:00 PM
Venue Room B20, Birkbeck College, Malet ST
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Screening Three - Taste of Cherry (Abbas Kiarostami,1997)

Tuesday 25th June 2013 6pm-9pm
Panel: Dr Rosalind Galt (Sussex) Professor Laura Mulvey (Birkbeck) 
Seating on a first come first serve basis.

Summer Film Season at Birkbeck 2013
In this series we will watch three films in which the main protagonist is an itinerant or a wanderer.  Whilst there is a great deal of journeying in cinema, this series distinguishes itself from the main stream genre of the road movie -whose forward propulsion mimics or can be seen as a metaphor for both the film itself rushing through the projector,and for narrative itself as linear journey rushing toward resolution and/or death. In the classical Hollywood journey/odyssey genre film the protagonist is often the active (often male) agent who mobilises the (often) linear trajectory of the films’ structure.

In this series we are interested in films that wander, meander, loop and weave -films that explore aimlessness, waiting, 'dead time', margins and associative oblique trajectories, films whose movement follows a different pattern, structure and logic creating a disorganised mobility that allows us to ask the question: can the cinematic produce nomadic subjectivities and what can that mean politically,  psychically, formally, affectively, aesthetically?


After each screening there will be a panel discussion with the above distinguished guest speakers- all panels chaired by Amber Jacobs.

This season is open to MA and PhD students and staff across the college and open to the public.