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Write a successful application

There are three important things to keep in mind when writing your application.

  1. We have a wide range of courses to suit all needs. Our intention is to offer all applicants a place, if we believe this will meet their needs and they can successfully complete the course. We can only assess your potential and current needs properly if we have the necessary information about you. So please be as accurate as possible throughout the form. We will then be in a position  to offer you a place on the programme that best meets your needs and that will give you greatest chance of success.
  2. If information is missing we will have to contact you to fill the gaps - and this will delay our decision about your application. So please complete all sections.
  3. It is your personal statement that will convince us whether or not to give you a place on one of our programmes. So here are some tips on how to write a personal statement that will convince us that psychology at Birkbeck is right for you: