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Studying in the evening leaves your day free for other activities

All the teaching on our undergraduate programmes takes place in the evening (between 6-9pm). Some of the teaching on our master's programmes takes place in the evening and some takes place during the day, depending on the programme.

The reason most of our teaching happens in the evening is because for almost 200 years we’ve been meeting the needs of busy Londoners who are fitting study in around other commitments.

Studying in the evening allows you time during the day to either take paid work or get involved in training or volunteer work etc. to strengthen your CV and give yourself a much better chance of securing the type of work you are aiming for on graduation.

We have a number of services to help you secure paid work and to strengthen your CV whilst studying. You'll be strongly encouraged to take full advantage of these opportunities whilst at Birkbeck.

Our programmes are designed for busy adults

If you take a look at the history of Birkbeck, you’ll see that for almost 200 years we’ve been providing a university education to busy Londoners fitting study around other commitments. Pressures on students’ time today often includes work, family, social and charitable commitments.

In addition - in today’s competitive job market - we know you are also likely to want to spend time during the day on a range of activities to build your CV, in order to secure a fulfilling job when you graduate.

So we understand the multiple demands on your time. This doesn’t mean we expect you to study less. It means we understand that how and when you study depends on your particular circumstances and that we need to help you ensure the time you have to study is as productive as possible.