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Rachel Wu

PhD Psychology

Rachel was attracted to Birkbeck by the reputation of our psychology department.

'Birkbeck is an excellent place to study. I would highly recommend it, and I do to everyone I see. Especially in my field - the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development is one of the best labs in the world.

'The Department of Psychological Sciences is incredibly diverse, so you get a chance to experience many aspects of Psychology, especially with other PhD students. At Birkbeck, the students seem to grow up together, so there is a constant feeling of support and community.

'The researchers in the Department are all world-renowned. The status of the Department is evident from the dozens of visitors we receive every year to give seminars or just even to check out our labs. When we attend conferences and people ask us who we work with, we name our supervisors and are treated with the utmost respect.'

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'The researchers in the Department are all world-renowned.'