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Eloise Aston

MSc Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology

When deciding what to study at undergraduate level, Eloise Aston considered science but eventually opted for Classics. However, her interest in science never left her, and several years after graduating, while working in publishing, she decided to look into studying science at postgraduate level.

Both her brother and her father had previously studied at Birkbeck, so Eloise decided to look into it too. She says: ‘Birkbeck’s part-time teaching and diverse student body fitted in with how I wanted to study. I was also aware that the psychology department at Birkbeck had a very strong research reputation and that my qualification would be highly regarded.’

Eloise continued her work in publishing while studying, but managed to combine this with the demands of the course. She says: ‘A lot of the information was available on line, which meant I could fit the reading around my existing commitments. The resources available to the students were very good and I found the library was a good place to study.’

‘My dissertation supervisor was excellent. She kept me going with my research and provided a lot of guidance and very helpful feedback.’

‘Birkbeck is in the middle of Bloomsbury, along with several other University of London colleges and that meant that we were able to go to lectures and seminars at UCL or at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, which was very useful.’

‘I’ve used my MSc to change careers and am now working as a medical writer, which is a job that I love. I enjoyed studying so much that I’m happy that I am now in a role which allows me to continue using that knowledge.’

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'I’ve used my MSc to change careers and am now working as a medical writer, which is a job that I love.'