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Writing a personal statement for a postgraduate programme

  1. Demonstrate that you have an understanding of the type of content included on the particular MSc/MA course for which you are applying (we don’t want you to end up on the wrong course by mistake.)
  2. Explain why you are interested in taking a masters programme and why you are applying for this particular course. Be authentic - explain why you really want to do the course, rather than giving some borrowed generic, "ideal" answer you may have found on the internet!
  3. Demonstrate that you have the relevant qualifications/experience to be taken on the course, and in particular that you fulfil our admission criteria. These usually include a 2.1 or above in a BSc (Hon), and if you are not a native speaker, IELTS of 7.0 or above.
  4. Describe your previous experience of research.
  5. Explain what type of research project (MSc) or research topic (MA) you would like to undertake in your dissertation.
  6. Make sure that you write clearly, as we also look for effective communication skills.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact the admissions tutor for the programme you're interested in. We welcome informal chats with prospective students so we can help them find the right programme here or elsewhere.