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Master's programmes and MPhil/PhD Psychology

Master's programmes for psychology graduates

We have a range of masters programmes that focus on the core strengths of our world class researchers in neuroscience; developmental science; cognition; research methods. Those designed for psychology graduates include:

Starting in 2018/19:

MA/MSc Health and Clinical Psychological Sciences

MPhil/PhD Psychology

The MPhil/PhD in Psychology provides an excellent forum for you to develop and enhance your specialist skills, as well as more general, transferable research skills. It is designed to allow you to gain insight into different research methods and to acquire valuable experience both in carrying out large-scale research projects and in teaching.

Our current research interests include:

  • brain and cognitive development (development of perceptual, cognitive and linguistic abilities)
  • cognitive modelling (Bayesian approaches to human reasoning
  • connectionist modelling of language, memory, executive functions, cognitive development, developmental disorders and neuropsychological syndromes
  • cognitive architectures
  • perception, attention and emotion/anxiety (investigations of relevant processes using behavioural, electrophysiological, TMS, and hemodynamic measures of brain activity)
  • child, family and health psychology (social and emotional development; early childcare; family stress; qualitative approaches)
  • genetics of human development and behaviour.