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Lack confidence about studying at university?

People lack confidence for lots of reasons. It might be worth knowing that Birkbeck began life as a College specifically for people like you. There are two options you may find particularly helpful.

Studying part-time

One way to give yourself more time to build confidence, particularly in your first year, is to take our 4-year part-time BSc programme.

Beginning your studies on our Certificate programme

However, if you lack confidence, our Certificates of Higher Education may be best for you. You don’t have to sign up for a full Certificate but can take one course at a time, choosing which courses you take. A full Certificate is equivalent to the first year of a degree, so you can slowly build enough credit to progress onto the second year of a degree, studying at your own pace (note: whether you are transferred to the first or second year of the degree will depend on which courses you’ve completed and your grades. If you achieve grades of 50+% in all the relevant courses you may apply to the second year of the part-time degree).

If you complete the necessary modules you may progress directly onto the second year of:

  1. BSc Psychology
  2. BSc Social Sciences
  3. Foundation Degree in Psychology for Education Professionals

There are no entry requirements for Certificate courses apart from sufficient spoken and written English to study effectively at university level.

Teaching on our Certificate courses is very different to the teaching on our degree programmes. Classes are small (a maximum of 25 people) and teaching includes discussions and exercises to help your understanding and learning. Although taught and assessed at the level of first year degree courses, courses on the Certificate programme assume no previous knowledge. Support to develop the skills required to successfully complete the learning and assessment is built into each course.

As a consequence, many students chose to take the first year of their degree on the Certificate programme – particularly if they have been away from study for some time or lack confidence for any reason.

Contact us

If you would like to discuss your needs and options don’t hesitate to contact us or come and talk things through at our next Open Evening.

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