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Careers support

We provide a wide range of support to help your career.

Finding and applying for jobs

  • Birkbeck’s Careers Service offers:
    • One-to-one appointments
    • Career coaching for more in-depth support
    • Free workshops. Regardless of whether you are new to the workplace or studying at Birkbeck in order to change careers, we suggest you attend as many of these workshops as possible. The Careers Service has a lot of experience helping ‘career changers’ present their past experience to best advantage. Our workshops help students with a range of employment histories to find appropriate work; write effective CVs; submit strong applications; and excel at interview.

Finding paid work to strengthen your CV

  • Birkbeck Talent is Birkbeck’s onsite recruitment agency. Whether you are just entering the workplace or highly experienced in your professional field, Birkbeck Talent will support you in finding paid work to strengthen your CV.

Gaining ‘hands on’ experience of research in psychology

  • Volunteering on staff research projects: The academic team at Birkbeck run their own research projects throughout the year. You will be able to gain experience of research in psychology by providing voluntary support for one of the academics’ projects. Taking part in the volunteer scheme provides invaluable insight into the research process and will help you gain a deeper understanding of the discipline. It may also provide a useful addition to your CV.
  • Taking part in research as a research participant: In your first year of study, you must take part as a participant in staff experiments for a total of 10 hours. This experience again provides a valuable insight into the research process and you will be encouraged to gain as much experience as possible in this way. In other words, you’ll be able to take part in experiments for longer than 10 hours if this is of interest to you!

Career mentoring for finalists

  • Birkbeck provides a career mentoring scheme that matches finalists with alumni from the psychology programme.
  • This a competitive scheme to which students must apply, making clear what it is they hope to achieve by taking part.
  • Successful candidates receive training to help them make full use of the mentoring. They meet with their mentor approximately three times over a six-month period. Mentors are volunteer alumni, trained by Birkbeck for the scheme.

Master’s courses

  • Birkbeck offers a range of postgraduate Psychology programmes that support a range of careers. Birkbeck BSc students who are predicted to graduate with a 2:1 or 2:2 classification are encouraged to apply, and will receive a 10% reduction in fees if accepted.

Public engagement training for postgraduate

Careers for psychology graduates