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Teaching and research supervision

I have been passionate about teaching Statistics since my years as a PhD student. I have played a leading role in enhancing and transforming the student learning experience of statistics and research methods in psychology at Birkbeck through my responsibility for major research methods courses at the undergraduate level since 2004 and graduate levels since 2014. I have also acted as a consultant statistician on various grant applications. I have guided PhD students as well as research assistants in various statistical methods, including two workshops that I recently conducted for the OCEAN lab on moderation and mediation analysis. In 2012, based on excellent student feedback and learning experience of Statistics and Research Methods, I was nominated by Birkbeck for a National Teaching Fellowship Award.

I usually supervise a number of MSc and BSc students interested in issues relating to cognitive control impairments in emotional vulnerability every year.

Current PhD students

  • Jessica Swainston 2015- 2019 Improving cognitive health towards resilience and psychological flexibility in breast cancer survivors(1+3 ESRC funded)
  • Berna Sari 2012 - 2016 (joint with University of Ghent) (Flemish Res Council)
  • Manu Ducrocq 2014 - 2018 The role of attentional control and working memory capacity in anxiety related distractibility in tennisĀ (1+3 ESRC funded)

Previous researchers

  • Nick Berggren (former PhD student: 1+3 ESRC funded)
  • Dr Max Owens (former PhD student: Departmental studentship)
  • Dr Laleh Ansari (former PhD student: 1 + 3 ESRC funded)
  • Dr Leor Shoker (former post-doc researcher)
  • Dr Miles Hansard (former post-doc researcher)
  • Dr Tom Campbell (former post-doc researcher)
  • Moshe Feldman (former post-doc researcher)
  • Sarah Kolvenbach (visiting researcher)
  • Ronan O'Cealleigh (visiting researcher)
  • Dr Andreas Schwertdfeger (visiting researcher)
  • Dr Evi De Lissnyder (visiting researcher)
  • Dr Toni Pacheco Unguetti (visiting researcher)