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Public outreach and media work

I have an active role in translating the basic science behind anxiety and depression in educational and clinical settings.

The impact and efficacy of my neuro-cognitive interventions have been highlighted in a number of social media channels: The British Psychological Society; My BBC R4 programme on How to have a better brain; My research blogs on Birkbeck social media; My invited speeches in popular public engagement events at The Welcome Trust; The British Academy; St John's college Oxford. Finally, I am a blogger for the Huffington Post.

Highlights from public engagement and knowledge transfer activities

  • BRiC psychoeducational network: guided weekly discussions on mechanisms of risk and resilience in breast cancer
  • 2016: Article, 'How to friend your fears', in Top Sante magazine, February issue
  • 2015: Featured on BBC R4 programme 'How to have a better brain'
  • 2012: Co-Editor: Special Issue: Information Processing, Affect and Psychopathology; Journal of Cognitive Psychology
  • 2011 - 2013: Editor-in-Chief: Anxiety, Stress, and Coping: An International Journal
  • 2010: Co-Editor: Special Issue: Emotional States, Attention and Working Memory; Cognition and Emotion
  • 2005 - 2013: Associate Editor: Cognition and Emotion
  • 2010: Guest Editor: Emotion
  • 2009 - 2013: Review Editor: Frontiers in Psychopathology
  • 2003 - 2010: Consulting Editor: Anxiety, Stress and Coping: An International Journal
  • 2001: Young Scientist and Early Career Award: International Society for Research on Stress and Anxiety
  • 2000 - 2004: Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow, The Royal Society
  • 2008: Conference Organiser: 29th International Conference of the Society for Research on Stress and Anxiety (STAR)

Selected Invited Public Presentations (2012-current)

  • The neuroscience of anxiety. Funzing talks. London 2018.
  • How can cognitive neuroscience build resilience in breast cancer? Science public engagement lecture. Birkbeck Univ. of London June 2018.
  • Emotional vulnerability and the road to resilience. Distinguished Spielberger Address. International Society for Stress and Anxiety Research Conference. Croatia. 2016
  • From Fear to Resilience. The Welcome Trust public engagement event. ‘The Age of Anxiety’. 2016
  • Fear reactions in the court room. ‘Brain Systems and Legal Systems: Setting translational agendas for Law and Neuroscience’. The British Academy. 2016
  • How can adaptive cognitive training improve mental well-being? Science public engagement lecture. Birkbeck Univ. of London. April 2016. [video: 70 mins] [blog]
  • Pathways to Resilience: Attentional control in anxiety and depression. Plenary Talk. Developing Psychological Strength in Psychopathology. Invited workshop. Sixth International Cognitive Sciences Conference. 2015.
  • Building blocks of psychological strength in breast cancer. Univ. of Ghent Special Meeting. 2015.
  • Training the brain: How can cognitive neuroscience improve Cognitive Behaviour Therapy? Public Outreach One Day Workshop. St John’s College Research Centre, Oxford. Jan 2013
  • Cognitive Capacity Limits in Anxiety and Depression: Can they be increased? Whitehead Lecture. Goldsmiths College University of London. 2012.
  • Processing efficiency in anxiety and depression. Kings College London. Institute of Psychiatry 2012.