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Areas of research interest

My research examines social and executive functions in adulthood and their development during adolescence. I am particularly interested in the role played by the rostral prefrontal cortex, or Brodmann area 10. This brain region supports both social functions, such as mentalising or theory of mind, and executive functions such as relational reasoning, multitasking, prospective memory, as well as other cognitive processes such as mindwandering or episodic memory retrieval. 

My research combines behavioural, structural and functional neuroimaging methods. I have also studied the effect of genetic polymorphisms on cognition, as well as the impact of various types of cognitive training interventions.

For example, I am currently researching:

  • The effect of genetic polymorphisms affecting the dopamine system on the development of relational reasoning, emotional regulation, and both social and standard working memory measures.
  • The development during adolescence of prospective memory, working memory, inhibitory control, and science and maths reasoning.
  • The effect of mindfulness training in healthy adults and adolescents on self-regulation and other executive functions.

Dr Iroise Dumontheil