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Teaching and research supervision

I have lectured and run strategic seminars across a wide range of psychological subject areas: including: Research Methods, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Comparative Cognition, Psychophysiology, Cognitive Neuroscience and Studies in Consciousness.

My teaching within the Department of Psychological Sciences will revolve around Evolutionary, Developmental and Comparative Psychology.


MSc/BSc/PhD research project interests

  • The relationship between early motor development and subsequent cognitive attainment in neuro-typical children and in children with neuropathologies.
  • The relationship between object manipulation skills and expressive language development in neuro-typical children aged 12-36 months.
  • The development of tool-use and meta-tool use in young neuro-typical children and its association with cognitive attainment.
  • The relationship between early eye gaze scan patterns for social and non social stimuli (faces, objects) and subsequent social-communication attainment in neuro-typical children aged in children with neuropathologies.

Dr Gillian Forrester