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Recent publications

  • Forrester GS (in press) Hand, limb and other motor preferences: Methodological Considerations (eds. Vallortigara G, Rogers L) In: Lateralized Brain Functions (Series on Neuromethods, series editor, Walz W) Springer Books.
  • Forrester GS, Rawlings B, Davila-Ross M (2016) An analysis of bimanual actions in natural feeding of semi-wild chimpanzees. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 159:85-92 (published first online 8 Sept 2015)
  • Forrester GS, Thomas MSC (2015) What is universal and what differs in language development? Commentary, Language, Cognition & Neuroscience 30(8):922-927.
  • Forrester GS, Rodriguez A (2015) Slip of the tongue: Implications for evolution and language development. Cognition 141:103-111.
  • Forrester GS, Crawley M, Palmer C (2014) Social environment elicits lateralized navigational behavior in two populations of typically developing children. Brain and Cognition 91:21-27.
  • Forrester GS, Pegler R, Thomas MSC, Mareschal D (2014) Handedness as a marker of cerebral lateralization in children with and without autism. Behavioural Brain Research 268:14-21.
  • Quaresmini C, Forrester GS, Spiezio C, Vallortigara G (2014) Social environment elicits lateralized behaviors in gorillas and chimpanzees. Journal of Comparative Psychology 128(3): 276-284.
  • Forrester GS, Quaresmini C, Leavens DA, Mareschal D, Thomas MSC (2013) Human handedness: An inherited evolutionary trait. Behavioural Brain Research 237:200-206.

Dr Gillian Forrester