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Public outreach and media work

Editorial work

Editor in Chief: Frontiers in Cognitive Science
Associate Editor: Frontiers in Psychology
Consulting Editor: Memory & Cognition
Consulting Editor: Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition

Event organisation

Co-organiser, 7th International Conference on Thinking (4-6 July 2012)

Organiser, 12th Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop (NCPW12) (8-10 April 2010)

  • This international conference attracted 24 contributed talks and three keynote lectures by researchers from 10 different countries. The conference covered topics of cognitive development, language processing, high-level cognition, face processing, learning, and philosophy and methodology. The resulting book is published by WorldScientific.

Organiser, Birkbeck Memory workshop: 'Serial and free recall: new data and models' (21 October 2009)

  • The main motivation for this workshop was the change in perspective among memory theorists that there is a need to fully integrate the two types of memory paradigms in current theorising. Six researchers (Dr Phil Beaman, University of Reading; Professor Gordon Brown, University of Warwick; Dr Davelaar; Dr Simon Farrell, University of Bristol; Professor Dr Jeroen Raaijmakers, University of Amsterdam; and Professor Geoff Ward, University of Essex) discussed new theoretical models and empirical data. The workshop was attended by researchers from Birkbeck and University College London.
  • One attendee had the following impression: 'The Memory Workshop was an informal gathering of many of the UK's foremost researchers in the field of working memory. Bringing together a broad range of theoretical standpoints, the meeting provided a forum for presenting and discussing cutting-edge research, drawing on experimental, modelling and neuropsychological approaches. Setting aside the healthy debate about whether separable short-term memory buffers exist, the clear consensus was that these kind of meetings just don't happen often enough: informal workshops create fantastic opportunities for exchanging and synthesising new ideas by promoting spontaneous discussion, in a way that simply is not possible with the more rigid constraints of the conference format.'

Dr Eddy J Davelaar

Undergraduate students wanted for research projects:

There are several opportunities available for undergraduate students who would like to help out with ongoing research projects. For informal enquiries email me.