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Public outreach and media work

  • What You See and What You Seem, a Cultural Salon: demonstrations on perception and neurofeedback with Dr Eddy Davelaar for an event organised by Ealing Adult Education. The Salon revival was a result of a partnership between Ealing Adult Learning, Pitzhanger Manor Gallery and House (also part of Ealing Council), and Philosophy for All (a not-for-profit organisation running philosophy events across London). (5 December 2013)
  • Shepherd A. J. Visual triggers of migraine and headache. Lighting (2010) 30: 14-24.
  • Dogs Catch Human Yawns: LiveScience report on research findings (17 September 2008)
  • Pet dogs can 'catch' human yawns: BBC report on research findings (5 August 2008)
  • Study probes migraine triggers: Dr Shepherd cited in BBC article (10 April 2004)


Dr Shepherd has written two heath and safety reports on visual discomfort and visually induced migraine:

  • 2010: via Crown Projects for the Sydney Law Courts
  • 2001: via DHJ Media for London Underground

Dr Alex Shepherd