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Areas of research interest

I am interested in the functional and structural characteristics of the human auditory and motor systems which provide the foundation for human abilities such as language and music. In particular, I am interested in rhythm, or temporal patterns in music and language. Rhythm plays strikingly similar roles in music and language: it lends certain elements greater emphasis, helps to delineate the boundaries of certain structural elements, and coordinates speakers/performers. These similarities suggest that shared neural foundations may underlie the processing of rhythm in music and language, a hypothesis much of my work investigates. By searching for the neural foundations of rhythmic aptitude and examining the extent to which rhythmic skills can predict language and cognitive abilities I explore how rhythm might underlie many of the processes we rely on in everyday life. Thus, in certain cases problems with language and cognition may stem from underlying deficits in rhythm perception.

Other areas of interest include biomusicology (comparative analysis of statistical patterns in human and animal music), pitch perception, and neural and cognitive development.

Dr Adam Taylor Tierney