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9th London Reasoning Workshop

5 to 7 August 2015

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Couto, Marta; Quelhas, Ana; Byrne, Ruth Counter-examples in reasoning about advice conditionals: Tips and Warnings
Cruz, Nicole; Over, David; Oaksford, Mike; Baratgin, Jean Centering and the meaning of conditionals

Dornscheider, Stephanie

Deciding (Not) to Kill. A Computational Analysis of the Reasoning Processes Connected to Political Violence

Douven, Igor

Moral bookkeeping

Elqayam, Shira; Wilkinson, Meredith; Thompson, Valerie; Evans, Jonathan; Over, David

Inference from Is to Ought mediates moral judgment

Frey, Darren; De Neys, Wim

Individual differences in bias detection during thinking

Girotto, Vittorio; Pigin, Stephania

Errors in diagnostic reasoning: Reliable and unreliable remedies

Goel, Vinod

Lesions to polar/orbital prefrontal cortex selectively impair reasoning about emotional material

Handley, Simon; Trippas, Dries; Thompson, Valerie Beliefs, logical complexity and instructions: A test of the Parallel Processing Dual Process Model
Hilton, Denis; Charalambides, Laetitia; Fauré, Bertrand; Schmeltzer, Christophe

A societal exchange model of deontic rule-giving and reasoning

Johnson-Laird, Phil; Goodwin, Geoff

The truth of conditionals

Kehmlani, Sangeet; Goodwin, Geoff; Johnson-Laird, Phil

Causal relations from kinematic simulations

Koralus, Phillipp

Systematic illusory inference with disjunctions and quantifiers

Lobina, David On System 2: The linguist’s input

Mackiewicz, Robert

Eye movements as signs of kinematic mental simulations
Morsanyi, Kinga The development of the CRT- long and what we have learned in the process

Over, David; Cruz, Nicole; Baratgin, Jean

Recent studies on ifs ands and ors and their significance

Politzer, Guy; Baratgin, Jean

Deductive arguments with uncertain premises and non-numerical probability expressions

Rasga, Celia; Quelhas, Ana; Byrne, Ruth

Autistic children’s reasoning: counterfactual and false-belief inferences about reasons for actions

Roser, Matt

Within-trial repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation affects belief bias in conditional reasoning
Singh, Jaydeep; Oaksford, Mike Discounting Testimony with the Argument Ad Hominem and a Bayesian Congruent Prior Model
Singman, Henriuk; Klauer, Karl; Over, David Testing the empirical adequacy of coherence as a norm for conditional inference

Stewart, Andrew; Haigh, Matthew

Reasoning as we read: A psycholinguistic perspective on the processing of conditionals
Szaszi, Barnabas; Aczel, Balazs; Szollosi, Aba Studying processes underlying the Cognitive Reflection Test

Thompson, Valerie

Metacognition and Intuition in a Denominator Neglect Task:  Converging Evidence from Individual Differences and Gaze Tracking Analyses

Travers, Eoin

The time course of conflict on the Cognitive Reflection Test
Trippas, Dries Measuring Belief Bias