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8th London Reasoning Workshop

9 and 10 July 2014


Ackerman, Rakefet; Thompson, Valerie Meta-Reasoning: What Can We Learn from the Metacognitive Approach?
Ali, Nilufa; Chater, Nick; Oaksford, Mike Interpretation, and Discounting in Causal Conditional Inference: Towards an Integrative Model
Ali, Nilufa; Oaksford, Mike; Chater, Nick; Schlottmann, Anne Discounting and causal conditional inference in children as young as 5: Better than adults
Bright, Aimee The engine of thought is a hybrid: Roles of associative and structured knowledge in reasoning
Byrne, Ruth; Espino, Orlando Counterfactuals and Embodied Representations
Cruz, Nicole; Baratgin, Jean; Feeney, Aidan; Oaksford, Mike; Over, David Ifs and Ors
De Neys, Wim Feedback and Bias: Advancing the Conflict Debate
Douven, Igor; Schupback, Jonah
The Role of Explanatory Factors in Updating
Elqayam, Shira; Wilkinson, Meredith R; Thompson, Valerie A; Evans, Jonathan St B T; Over, David E Models of inference from is to ought
García-Madruga, Juan A; Moreno-Ríos, Sergio
Rapid and free time responses to disjunctive inferences: the role of cognitive reflection
Goel, Vinod The Neuropsychology of Reasoning
Goodwin, Geoff Causal Deviance Revisited
Hattori, Ikuko; Nakagawa, Masanori; Miur, Yasuhiro A Inconsistency of Subjective Probability
Hattori, Masasi Probabilistic Representations in Syllogistic Reasoning and the Effects of Content and Figures
Johnson-Laird, Phil; Goodwin, Geoff The Truth of Conditionals
Khemlani, Sunny; Lotstein, Matt; Johnson-Laird, Phil The Conditional Probability of Unique Events
Kleiter, Gernot D Modeling imprecise degrees of belief by distributions
Koralus, Philipp The Erotetic Theory of Reasoning
Mackiewicz, Robert; Johnson-Laird, Phillip; Khemlani, Sunny; Bucciareli, Monica
External Signs of Kinematic Mental Simulations
Moreno-Ríos, Sergio; Byrne, Ruth When facts become false during inferential processing
Parkinson, Mary; Byrne, Ruth Framing Effects in Moral Judgments about Risk
Politzer, Guy A physical implementation of De Finetti’s 'logic of the probable'
Ragni, Marco; Sonntag, Tobias Reasoning about spatial relations and conditionals: A model approach
Rasga, Célia; Quelhas, Ana Cristina; Byrne, Ruth M J Children’s counterfactual and false-belief inferences about reasons for actions
Roser, Matt; Evans, Jonathan; McNair, Nicolas; Fuggetta, Giorgio; Trippas, Dries Belief Bias in Conditional Reasoning - an fMRI study
Shao, Jing; Baratgin, Jean; Politzer, Guy A study of the sufficient conditional and the necessary conditional in Chinese
Thompson, Valerie; Gibb, Maia; Newman, Ian; Pennycook, Gord; Trippas, Dries Fast Logic and Slow Beliefs:  Implications for Dual Process Theories
Travers, Eoin; Feeney, Aidan; Rolison, Jonathan; Bright, Aimee Knowledge Selection and Response Dynamics in Category-Based Induction
Unterhuber, Matthias The New Tweety-Nixon Puzzle: Implications for Bayesian Models of Human Reasoning
van Wijnbergen-Huitink, Janneke The probability of iterated conditionals revisited
Wilkinson, Meredith R; Elqayam, Shira; Over, David E; Thompson, Valerie A; Evans, Jonathan St B T Theory of Mind Meets Deontic Introduction:  Can We Understand an 'Ought' from an Intention?