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5th London Reasoning Workshop

29 and 30 July 2010

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Ali, Nilufa
The effect of causal order on the rules of inference
Bonnefon, Jean-Francois
Deduction from If-Then Personality Signatures
Douven, Igor Conditionals and conditional acceptability
Elqayam, Shira Dual processing, incommensurability, and the matrix of the new paradigm in reasoning
Feeney, Aiden
Relevance, garden path arguments, and category-based inductive reasoning
Fox, John Arguing about the evidence: a logical approach
Hilton, Denis; Juanchich, Marie;  Over, David From is to ought (not): Effects of linguistic polarity on the performative functions of indicative conditonals
Hodges, Wilfred Logical rules at deep syntactic levels: a request for cognitive help in history of logic
Khemlani, Sunny Explanations make inconsistencies harder to detect
Kleiter, Gernot Stochastic response models in human reasoning
Over, David; Hadjichristidis, Constantinos; Sloman, Steven A Inference from uncertain premises: Jeffrey's doesn't completely rule
Pfeifer, Niki Experiments on Aristotle's Thesis: New evidence against the material conditional interpretation
Ragni, Marco; Becker, Benedict A Bayesian Model for Spacial Reasoning with Cardinal Directions
Shilling, Erika Influences of perceived self-relevance and emotional content on cheater-detection task performances as rationally biased?
Tasso, Alessandra The perceived equivalence in meaning between conditionals and disjunctions: A second experiment
Thompson, Valerie Choosing between intuition and reason: The role of metacognition in initiating analytic thinking
Tremoliere, Bastien Allocating Executive Resources for Reasoning under Mortality Salience
Varga, Alexandra; Lambalgen, Michiel
Infants' Closed-World Reasoning about What to Do, When, What