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2nd London Reasoning Workshp

28 and 29 August 2007

Sponsored by The British Academy

The second London Reasoning Workshop, held in September 2007, focused on the Psychology of Conditionals and brought together the contributors of the forthcoming book entitled Psychology of Conditionals, published by the Oxford University Press in 2009. Many of the contributors presented their chapters and other papers, not on this specific topic, were also presented.


Ali, Nilufa Causal interpretations affect conditional reasoning
Bonnefon, Jean-François Pragmatic conditionals, conditional pragmatics, and the pragmatic component of conditional reasoning
Corner, Adam Damned by faint praise – Source reliability & Bayesian inference
De Neys, Wim 
Counterexample retrieval and inhibition during conditional reasoning: Direct evidence from memory probing
Goodwin, Geoffrey Mental models and Boolean concept learning
Kowalski, Bob Conditionals in computational logic
Lee, Louis A theory of reverse engineering
Markovits, Henry Semantic memory retrieval, mental models, and the development of conditional inferences in young children
Nakagaki, Akira Is domain-specific reasoning in conditional reasoning tasks really domain-specific? Toward an integral theory of conditional reasoning
Noveck, Ira Separating out the pragmatics from the semantics in conditional reasoning
O’Brien, David The mental logic theory of conditional propositions
Oaksford, Mike Conditionals and constraint satisfaction: Reconciling mental models and the probabilistic approach?
Over, David 
Conditionals and non-constructive reasoning: The experimental evidence
Pfeifer, Niki Conditionals in mental probability logic
Politzer, Geoffrey Two aspects of reasoning competence: A challenge for current accounts and a call for new conceptual tools
Quelhas, Ana Cristina 
Semantic and pragmatic modulation with conditionals and mental models
Schroyens, Walter Logic and/in Psychology: The paradoxes of material implication and psychologism in the cognitive science of human reasoning
Stenning, Keith The logical response to a noisy world
Thompson, Valerie Towards a dual process model of conditional inference