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1st London Reasoning Workshop

14 and 15 September 2006

The first London Reasoning Workshop took place in September 2006 and served as a Festschrift for David Over on the occasion of his 60th birthday. The gathering brought together psychologists from all over the world to engage in a two-day workshop.


Ball, Linden Conditional expected utility and the acceptability of deontic health and safety rules
Bonnefon, Jean-Fran├žois

Modus tollens, modus shmollens

Elqayam, Shira Iterated conditionals
Evans, Jonathan Thinking and reasoning with everyday causal conditional statements
Feeney, Aidan Reasoning distinctions: Induction vs. deduction or system 1 vs. system 2?
Goodwin, Geoffrey Relational complexity and mental models in reason
Hahn, Ulrike What argumentation tells us about logic
Hilton, Denis Pragmatic aspects of the verb effect in causal explanation
Kaufmann, Stefan Independence in counterfactuals: Premise semantics, causality, and lumping
Manktelow, Ken Deontic perspectives
Oaksford, Mike Probability logic and the MP-MT asymmetry
Oberauer, Klaus Testing formal models of how people reason with conditionals
Over, David Conditionals and non-constructive reasoning
Over, Harriet Two systems for reasoning, two systems for learning
Politzer, Guy How is modus ponens? Still valid, thank you!
Schroyens, Walter Logic and/in Psychology: The paradoxes of material implication and psychologism in the cognitive science of human reasoning
Walsh, Clare Mental simulation of possibilities
Yama, Hiroshi Conditional reasoning and hindsight effect: A cross-cultural study of British, French, Korean, and Japanese