Current research projects

  • Long term evalation of impact of multisystemic therapy v. management as usual for young people with conduct disorder (with Peter Fonagy, UCL et al.) funded by NIHR.
  • Applying the Medical Research Council guidance to develop and evaluate interventions to support uptake and adherence to antiretroviral therapy for HIV (with Rob Horne, Institute of Pharmacy et al.) funded by NIHR.
  • The experience of ileostomy with (Adam Nicholls, Hull) funded by the Ileostomy Association.
  • The phenomenology of depression (with John Rhodes, clinical psychologist in practice).
  • The lived experience of Parkinson's disease.
  • Communicating genetic results within families (with Susan Michie, UCL) extension of project funded by NHS researchers: Caroline Dancyger, Chris Jacobs
  • Deciding whether to take the test for Huntington’s disease (with Oliver Quarrell, Sheffield)


Recently completed projects

  • European study of how families experience juvenile Huntington's disease (with Oliver Quarrell, Sheffield et al.) funded by Euro HD.
  • Parents experience of bringing up a child with cystic fibrosis (with Claire Glasscoe, Birkbeck; Jonathan Hill, Manchester et al.)
  • Young people, gender and alcohol (with Richard de Visser, Sussex) funded by Alcohol Education Research Council.
  • The experience and insights of brain donor relatives and friends (with K Shaw and AJ Lees, UCL)

Also see People page for details of phd students’ research topics