Jonathan Smith (Professor)

Jonathan runs the IPA research group at Birkbeck. He developed IPA and applies it in a wide range of areas. Among topics he is currently researching: pain, depression, genetics, dual-language use.

Dr Virginia Eatough (Senior Lecturer)

Virginia’s research focus is emotion especially the role of feelings in emotional life. Current topics include happiness, living with Parkinson’s disease, and the experience of neurofeedback from a neurophenomenological perspective.

Robert Allan (PhD student)

I am exploring therapists' experiences of learning an evidence based practice, specifically a couple or family  therapy approach.

Dominic Conroy (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Dom Conroy’s qualitative post-doctoral work concerns adolescents’ experiences of multisystemic therapy as part of the NIHR-funded ‘START’ national study. Main interests: adolescent transitions, drinking behaviour, mixed methods, health interventions, gender relations.

Joanna Farr (PhD Student)

My research explores the experiences of people living with bipolar disorder focusing on the phenomenology of its moods, the interrelationship between mood states and their fluctuations over time.

Megumi Fieldsend (PhD student)

My research explores the experiences of women living with involuntary childlessness in midlife, focusing on the psychological impact and the meaning of life without children.

Víctor Figueroa (PhD student)

I am examining lesbian and gay parenting in a Chilean cultural context, exploring how lesbian mothers’ identities change over the life course, and how lesbians and gay men give meaning to parenting and deal with family and cultural expectations.

Prunella Gee (PhD student)

I’m investigating the psychological impact of retirement on men through the lens of the major existential concerns (meaning/purpose, embodiment, alienation/separation and death and dying). Life-span and masculinity issues are also of interest.

Kevin Hartie (PhD student)

I'm investigating the experience of spinal cord injury (SCI) on men living in the community 5-15 years post injury. The research focuses on men with a cervical injury (quadriplegia) with paralysis to all four limbs causing significant disruption to their life.

James Huff (researcher)

I am investigating the psychological journey of engineering students as they become engineers, being especially attentive to the fuzzy boundaries of technical and social features of their identity.

Chris Jacobs (researcher)

Chris is doing research with Jonathan exploring the experience of women who learn that their newly diagnosed breast cancer is, or could be hereditary. She is doing a part time PhD in this area at UCL. She is consultant genetic counsellor at Guy’s Hospital

Jamie Kirkham (researcher)

Jamie is working with Jonathan on research which is exploring the lived experience of chronic pain. Jamie is currently completing a doctorate in counselling psychology at City university.

Natalie Lancer (PhD student)

My research explores how young people experience and understand personal growth in the context of university life. I am interested in how personal growth may be enhanced by life coaching sessions or hampered in various ways.

Elisa Lewis (PhD student)

My research is focused on the mental health and wellbeing of professional student populations. Prevalences of mental ill-health will be established, as well as in-depth explorations of students’ lived experiences.

Isabella Nizza (PhD Student)

My research concerns the lived experience of chronic pain patients attending a pain self-management programme as expressed using words and visual images.

John Rhodes (Clin psy/researcher)

My research interests include types of depression (with Jonathan), aspects of psychosis (basic processes and effects of trauma) and states of the self.’

Pnina Shinebourne(Hon research fellow)

I am a Senior Lecturer at the Dept of Psychology, Middlesex Univerity. Main interests: addiction and recovery, interpretative phenomenological analysis, pluralism in qualitative research, visual and poetic methods in qualitative research.

Johanna Spiers (Postdoctoral Researcher)

I recently finished my phd on the experience of kidney transplantion. I am now looking at the experience of people who have had an ileostomy. I am based in Hull and working on a grant awarded by IA to Adam Nicholls and Jonathan Smith.

Rachel Starr (PhD student)

My research is about the phenomenology of aesthetic encountering. I am interested in how people experience looking at paintings, from what attracts them to particular artworks to how they feel after they have finished their viewing.

Lisa Thackeray (PhD student)

Personal interest and an identified gap in the extant literature led me to undertake PhD research exploring the experience of mothers, fathers and adult siblings of young adults with developmental disabilities.

Wafa Turkistani (PhD student)

Reflecting on my previous work experience with spinal cord injury in the domain of vocational rehabilitation, I am particularly interested in exploring the experience of employment in this population.

Francisco Verde (PhD student)

I am interested to explore embodiment and fantasies during pregnancy and early months of postpartum using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis.