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Elena Azañón, PhD

My research concerns the perception of touch in space and its relation to the mental representation of our body.

In particular, I am interested in the process that allows us to successfully refer touch to external locations across posture changes. When a stimulus is delivered to the skin, the evoked cutaneous activity carries information about the location of the stimulus on the particular body surface. However, the body is not a static sensory organ, and in order to determine the location of the touch in space, the brain must take into account current body posture. The characterization of this process, including its timings, neural bases and the interplay with mental body representations are central topics of my research. I use and combine psychophysics and neuroimaging techniques (EEG, MRI and TMS) to identify the behavioural and neural correlates of these phenomena.

I am also interested in the role that visual, proprioceptive and tactile offline information (in the form of priors, for instance) might have in the perception of tactile and visual events.


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